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First and foremost, we want you to know that We’ve ​Got Your 6!  


These are unprecedented and uncertain times, and we want to do everything in our power to use our network in order to bring potential customers to you so that you may potentially earn an income in spite of the quarantine! 

I Got Your 6 - Virtual Market is a project of CN Supply, an organization that responds to  community needs in the aftermath of natural disasters and is compelled to help meet the needs of those financially affected by mandatory quarantines made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our main goal is to connect those who have services and products to offer (you) with those that are in need of these services and products (customers)!

We will not be handling any of the transactions, but would like for you to think of us as free marketing.  

Here are the steps and details we need you to know: 

  1. Fill out the Vendor Registration form below 

  2. A volunteer team member will contact you to let you know when your form has been reviewed. 

  3. Once approved, a vendor ad will be posted with the name of you and your company, company logo and/or headshot, narrative of your business, website (if you have one), and payment info.

  4.  Please be  sure that you have joined our Facebook group and other social  media platforms  so that we can tag you in  these posts, to direct potentials to you! Facebook information  will be shared upon your request’s approval, and then an admin  will verify and approve your add-request. Once you have joined, You will be tagged in the vendor ad to interact with customers directly. 

  5. We will spotlight some vendors a few times a day with live streams. This is an opportunity (much like a commercial) for you to advertise yourself, and direct viewers to your  business platforms to sell your goods and  services.  

  6. Please help us to build the virtual market place by sending registration information to any contacts you have in industries impacted by the  pandemic such as freelancers, small business  owners, entrepreneurs, gig industry, etc. or to  anyone who has a marketable skill or talent they would like to share to earn some extra  income during these uncertain times.  

Social Media Links:   

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We hope to be as effective as possible in getting your content, services, and products in as many social feeds as we can. But we can only market you, if you are willing to market yourself!  Step out of your comfort zone and adapt as best you can to these new circumstances. If you  have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! Remember… ​I Got Your 6! 

Please see our VENDOR GUIDELINES for full details (PDF)

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