I Got Your 6 - Virtual Market is a project of CN Supply, an organization that responds to community needs in the aftermath of natural disasters and is compelled to help meet the needs  of those financially affected by mandatory quarantines made necessary by the COVID-19  pandemic. 

First, THANK YOU for assisting us in helping small businesses, and individuals who are affected  by the fact that humans cannot go out and enjoy their services such as bartending, restaurants, hair dressing, etc. Second, our goal is to connect these individuals with the people who need/want what they can provide.  


  • Please know that we understand this is a volunteer situation. If your life demands more of your attention, please by all means, focus on it. All we ask is that you communicate with your admins so we can be sure we’ve got you covered.  

  • IGY6 admins and volunteers not collecting money or handling money in any way. What we are providing, essentially, is free marketing and an easy space for businesses/individuals to share their content. We will be bringing the people with needs to the people that can meet those needs…  that's it.  



  • Vetting Vendors 
    Vendors will be filling out a form, much like the form you filled out to volunteer. Admins, or the  assigned volunteer, will filter this information to the volunteers in charge of “vetting” (making sure they’re legit) the vendors/businesses that have requested our assistance.


How this will take place is:  

  1. Check out the available social media handles for the business. 

  2. Verify the website provided.

  3. Provide feedback and make notes in the available sheets.  

Our goal is to root out the illegitimate submissions so all of your hard work goes towards those that actually need it! 


  • Handling IGY6 Spreadsheets 

To keep things simple, we will not have an abundance of spreadsheets. At the time of the creation of this document, we have 2 spreadsheets. This may change, but only if it's 100% necessary. Please consult an admin, specifically the Sheets Admins, if you have any questions concerning this.  

If you have volunteered to help us with spreadsheets, your primary responsibility is to collect the data provided from the FORMS and from Admins. Any legit leads, data on the vendors and volunteers, will need to be recorded and maintained for future reference. Specific individuals will  be appointed to avoid errors, and you will be notified if you are one of them.  

  • Social Media Management  

There will be individuals assigned to manage IGY6’s social  media platforms. The responsibilities of these individuals will be  as follows: 

● Familiarize yourself with each platform’s algorithms  (basics at least) so you can knowledgeably post the content we  are attempting to present in a fashion that will allow it to show  in more feeds.   

● Be sure the content is accurate and eye-catching.  

● Verify posts for accurate information. Remove posts that 
are not legit.  

● Verify members to be as certain as we can that no scammers are attempting to use our  platforms.   


Social Media Links:   

○ Facebook: ​www.facebook.com/groups/cnsupplyigotyour62020/

○ Instagram: ​www.instagram.com/igotyour62020/

○ Twitter: ​www.twitter.com/IGotYour6_2020

○ Tik Tok: ​https://vm.tiktok.com/WNqrxn/

○ YouTube: ​www.youtube.com/channel/UCIxfwiqInXnw_MBDSeuLEYw 


In conclusion… 
We are so excited to have you on our team! Thank you again for whatever you can do to help.  Please be sure to ask any questions that you may have. Remember… ​I Got Your 6​!


Please see our VOLUNTEER GUIDELINES for full details (PDF) 

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